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Welcome to Volunteer Manager!

Welcome to Haverford Middle School PTO's Volunteer Manager! With Volunteer Manager, you can stay engaged and in touch with the HMS PTO by registering yourself and your student(s) and indicating your volunteer interest in our activities/events so that the chairperson(s) may contact you. By providing your e-mail, you will receive updates and information throughout the year. For more information, please visit our website: http://hms-pto.com.

If you are new to Vounteer Manager, be sure to click on the MY INFO tab above and check that all of your information is in our system. In the SECONDARY NAME field, please enter your names as you would like them to appear in our directory (for example, "Jane & Joe Smith" or "Jane Smith & Joe Brown"). Scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and click "ADD STUDENT" to add a new student (be sure to enter their grade, too!). Our system is "self-service" so it's up to you to keep your information up-to-date. Thank you!

Joining the HMS PTO is easy and is a two-step process: 1) Register in Volunteer Builder (be sure to add your student!), 2) Pay dues of $20 per family. See our website for details and a link if paying by PayPal. If registering/paying before August 1, please be sure to use your student's CURRENT grade. Thank you!